October: Leo Anibaldi

Recently I’ve had the urge to look backwards and find records and producers whose music has stood up to the test of time. As the electronic music scene continues to mature, it is only natural that these artists should become more revered, as the awful and the bland gets forgotten about.

One such artist that has sprung to my attention is Leo Anibaldi. A man who helped shape the thriving Italian electronic music scene. I’d been aware of his work for a while, but had never explored in detail. His early 90s output still sounds fresh (possibly fresher than a lot of contemporary releases). They are also varied in style, confirming this was an era that cared less about genres and more about experimentation. Different shades of techno, house, minimal, ambient, acid, drone and electronica all make an appearance.

After a hiatus in the early 2000s, Leo returned with his Cannibald label. The later offerings are easier to pigeon-hole as techno, however, they still retain the playfulness that is evident throughout his back catalogue.

It is amazing to see how little his music has been viewed on YouTube. Here is a selection of my favourite tracks.