May: A new beginning

First I must apologise for the poor form so far in 2015. The artistsandlabels website started to get hacked around December last year and despite my best efforts to fix everything the problem kept arising. I must admit this really sucked my motivation in terms of keeping the site going so I decided to take a break, especially as I have been busy buying a house out here in Osaka.

The good news is I have finally decided to start afresh and get the website up and running again. I feel there is still a lot of good music out there and I hope I can continue to help people discover it. The bad news is I’ve had to start again from scratch, therefore all of the existing articles have been taken offline. Although if I can guarantee these are ‘hack free’ I hope to upload them again in the future.

I have decided to make a few changes to the structure of the website. The ‘Artists‘ and ‘Labels’ pages will now act as a directory to all of my artistandlabels recommendations, even those yet to be written about. The original aim of this project was always to provide a one stop shop for good sources of techno and related music and I think this is the best way to go about it. I will be adding new artists and labels over the next few weeks, and if you have some new music to recommend please do get in touch.

On a final note I’ve also decided to be a bit less rigid in terms of the written content on the site and I plan on adding regular round ups that cover any sounds that have caught my attention over a particular month.  To get things started, here is some stuff that I have been enjoying over the last few months.

Another live mix available on Souncloud from Korridor. There is a lot of interesting techno coming out of Sweden at the moment through the likes of Abdulla Rashim’s Northern Electronics and Ntogn’s Hypnus Records and for me it’s Korridor’s take on things that is leading the way, especially in the live format. I’ve only had the oppportunity to enjoy these online so far, however i’ll be coming out of raving retirement if he ever heads to the land of the rising sun as his live sets to date have been some of the best I’ve ever heard.

Another mix that caught my ears recently is this one from Laertes. Laertes is a new project from Gianluca Meloni (one half of Modern Heads) and I am excited to see how it develops. I have a feeling there maybe a few good upcoming releases sprinkled inside this one.

As for releases I have been consistently impressed with the output from two relatively new artists over the last few months, Svarog who I think hails from the Ukraine and Frenchman Von Grall  Both producers seem to have hit a sweet spot (for me anyway) of atmospheric and danceable techno and I am a huge fan of Von Grall’s hypnotic and repetitive use of percussion, especially in this outing on a VA from Semantica.

Here is a link to his other EP available on Bandcamp, along with some of Svarog’s offerings courtesy of Circular and New Rhythmic.

That’s it for today, short and sweet, but plenty to get listening too. I hope you enjoy the new site, keep a look out for more artists and labels again soon :)